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Do Google and YouTube think 360-degree, VR-like cameras are the next big thing?
Imagine watching a concert online and being able to not only see your favourite band rock out on stage, but also the excited crowd and the star-filled sky above the venue.
In other words: imagine experiencing a full 360-degree view of that concert, without ever having to leave your house. YouTube wants that for you. The Google-owned video site has just added support for 360-degree video uploads, meaning people will now be able to upload their footage taken with a 360-degree camera, and you'll be able to watch it for free.
All you need is the existing YouTube app for Android, and then you can move your phone or tablet around to see all different angles as the 360-degree video plays. YouTube hasn't yet made the feature automatic, so content creators will need to use specific equipment and a special process to start uploading 360-degree videos, but eventually, everything will be streamlined.
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