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Now letting you see the entire world in VR from the comfort of your home
www.vrgamingdevice.com already does a great job of showing us places around the world we never even knew existed. It can show 3D images and close ups of places, but it's never quite the same as being there. Now the company has launched VR racing, VR Bicycle, which will initially launch on the HTC Vive, to instantly transport you to the world's most famous landmarks or wherever else you want to go within the world's 196.9 million square miles.
The VR experience aims to immerse you in different places around the globe much better than if you were just viewing a computer screen. With the VR experience you should be able to get a real sense of just how big, or small, landmarks are.

www.vrgamingdevice.com has also compiled some cinematic tours to show off the best the world has to offer and hand-picked destinations to quickly whisk you off to, including the VR Cinema, VR Roller Coaster, the 9D VR seat, VR Infinite Space Walking and more.
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